Parallel Adoption - Zoning Map Amendments near Burgaw and Wallace

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As the first major feature of the County’s Parallel Adoption approach to the UDO Update, the County has proposed to rezone 70 parcels along NC Highway 53 east of Burgaw and west of the Northeast Cape Fear River, and 127 parcels near the interchange of Interstate 40 and US Highway 117 south of Wallace from the GB, General Business zoning district to the RA, Rural Agricultural zoning district. These properties were placed into a commercial zoning district in anticipation of future commercial growth in these areas, but this growth has not been observed and the commercial zoning district is hindering the continuation of the residential and agricultural land uses currently in these areas. This change in zoning district is recommended by the Pender 2.0 Comprehensive Land Use Plan and has been requested by numerous property owners in these areas over time

Maps of both areas proposed for rezoning are shown below. It is proposed that every parcel shown on these maps in the GB, General Business zoning district would return to the RA, Rural Agricultural. These maps are for planning purposes only in order to show the entire area, and do not reflect parcels removed from the rezoning as requested by individual property owners.

This process is being completed by County staff as a Parallel Adoption topic within the larger UDO Update process and at no cost to any property owner. All property owners in these areas have already received one letter through the mail introducing them to this process, and we would like to reiterate that there is no need for any property owner to do anything if they are accepting of the zoning change. In this letter, it was explained that property owners had the option of remaining in the GB, General Business zoning district if they would like. If you are a property owner in these areas and would like for your property to remain zoned for commercial development, all that is needed from you is to submit a letter in writing requesting that your property remain in the GB, General Business zoning district. This letter can be mailed or hand delivered to the Planning and Community Development offices at:

805 S. Walker Street

Burgaw, NC 28425

Such a letter can be emailed to me as well (my email is listed below). Furthermore, if you have any

questions about this Parallel Adoption topic, feel free to contact me (my contact information is below) or stop by our offices. Property owners will receive further notices of public hearings before the Planning Board and Board of County Commissioners as those dates approach. Currently, the Planning Board is tentatively scheduled to hear this case at their Tuesday, March 5, 2019 meeting, at which they will provide a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners, which tentatively will hear the case at their Monday, March 18, 2019 meeting. Both hearings will occur at 7:00 PM in the County Commissioners’ Chambers at 805 S. Walker Street in Burgaw.

Again, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch with me!

Until next time,

Travis Henley

Long Range Planner

Pender County, North Carolina



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